Pacific Oak
Residential Trust

Portfolio Overview

Pacific Oak Residential Trust (“PORT”) acquires and manages affordable single-family residential (SFR) rental properties throughout the United States. PORT’s portfolio of SFR’s currently includes 1,749 properties and has significant holding in the Midwest and the Southeast with plans for expansion throughout the United States. PORT targets acquiring both stabilized single-family rental portfolios and newly constructed “build to rent” assets. Our preference is to partner repeatedly with local owners and homebuilders, using an efficient private real estate investment trust (REIT) structure to provide a ready buyer for affordable homes with strong yield characteristics.    

Investment at a Glance

  • Portfolio scale in multiple markets with room for growth
  • The assets have been improved and “hardened” over time to increase future NOI Margin
  • Well occupied workforce housing portfolio with strong market performance
  • Strategic tenant screening led to historically strong rent collections through the COVID19 pandemic

*Significant concentrations (not all shown)

*Current asset count as of July 15, 2020


Total Properties


Home Average SF


Year Built (average)


In-Place Rent (average)


Current Occupancy